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Reverse Number Phone Lookup Caller number - (40)-4066-1850 Spam ? Who me

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Call from Hyderabad Local, Andhra Pradesh - phone number: - (40)-4066-1850 / 91-40-40661850

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Are you receive calls or harrasing messages spam , from this number (40)-4066-1850 ? - Write a Review about this caller.. → (40)-4066-1850 . This telephone was reported in Searchreversephone.com since Tue, 11/08/2016 - 16:40. Total comments reports from this id number 13

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I sent email to ICICI bank and asked about this number 91(40)40661850 and they have mentioned this is scam. If anyone gets phone call from this number, then please dont share your information.

Total votes: 98.0

I even got a call from this number several times

Total votes: 8.0

yes this is a scam call. they called around 2 pm US timing, which is 12.30 Pm in india.

Total votes: 81.0

they called me at around 2:45PM PST on June 23 2016

Total votes: 65.0

yes i getting calls frm this number. no voice from other side and hang up.

Total votes: 76.0

Received call at 1:10 pm from this number

Total votes: 51.0

missed call from this number

Total votes: 13.0

Yes this seems like scam no no answer from other side

Total votes: 10.0

I am also getting call

Total votes: 21.0

Got a call from this number at 5pm in Canada EST which is 2:30 am in India. This call seems from a scammer some of a bitch.

Total votes: 14.0

I got a call from this number at 11:52 AM Sydney time, which should be 06:22 AM IST.

I couldn't respond to this call and I tried returning back but it's busy. Good to know about this :)

Total votes: 2.0

Got call from this number and no voice from other side and hang up. Got call on EST 11:50 AM time

Total votes: 1.0

No response when I returned the call. Thanks for sharing

Total votes: 0

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Post date:
9Feb 2018

This seems like a scam. They have called several times saying they are calling f...

Total Comments:4
Update:1 week 23 hours

Post date:
2Feb 2018

SCAM number posing as a fake Debt Collector Company. Do not give out your person...

Total Comments:1
Update:2 weeks 15 hours

Post date:
1Feb 2018

This site has false and misleading information. ...

Total Comments:4
Update:2 weeks 1 day

Post date:
29Jan 2018

I've been called by this number 3 times in 3 days and I have not answered any of...

Total Comments:3
Update:2 weeks 4 days

Post date:
24Jan 2018

I have gotten several calls from this number. James Scott is the name of the per...

Total Comments:2
Update:3 weeks 2 days

Post date:
5Jan 2018

I have a talk with Jordan ( if that is the real name) informing me that I had a ...

Total Comments:2
Update:1 month 1 week

Post date:
20Dec 2017

they call me from 10 to 20 times aday..i have them blocked so it goes to voice ...

Total Comments:1
Update:1 month 4 weeks

Post date:
14Dec 2017

No response when I returned the call. Thanks for sharing...

Total Comments:13
Update:2 months 4 days

Post date:
8Dec 2017

Me too. My phone was stolen a few days ago now I get a verification code from a...

Total Comments:4
Update:2 months 1 week

Post date:
7Dec 2017

Need to take step to stop this....

Total Comments:1
Update:2 months 1 week